Monday, October 24, 2011


Well, I didn't do it. I needed to lose 2.6 lbs this week to hit my 10% goal, but it didn't happen. Not even close. Despite the fact that I was where I needed to be on Saturday (granted, that was with my clothes off) I only lost one pound this week. It's frustrating because I did everything right. I exercised 5 days and earned 19 activity points, and didn't eat any of them. I also purposely avoided going out to watch football yesterday, and had 23 unused weekly bonus points. You would think that would add up to a nice loss for me, but nope.

The only thing I can think of is that lifting weights might be impacting my results on the scale, specifically lifting on Mondays, which are my weigh-in days. I've tried to do research on that, and most sites say that it doesn't matter. I've found a few sources though that say muscles hold onto water right after lifting as they work to repair themselves. So maybe that's it? I don't really want to switch from my Monday/Wednesday/Friday lifting routine, but if I have another disappointing weigh-in next week, I might have to.

After today, my next goal was to reach 20 lbs (down 2 lbs more) by November 7, two weeks from today. So with today's failure I'm looking at needing to lose 3.6 lbs in two weeks in order to get back on track. That's going to be tricky, if my progress as of late is any indication. Especially because on November 5 some friends and I are going tailgating at a college football game and even if we do try to make things WW friendly, I'm sure that will be a points-heavy day.

Blah. I'm just in such a gloomy mood now after going to WW. I'm so disappointed and quite honestly I just want to give up. I want to forget about portion sizes and number of points. I want to dive bomb into a tub of frosting and never come out. I won't, of course, because I know that overall I just need to keep pushing through and it'll all be worth it, but right now it just sucks.

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