Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just made it!

On my schedule of mini goals, I had decided that I wanted to reach 15 pounds by this week. Well, I did it! I needed to lose 1.8 lbs this week in order to hit the goal and I lost EXACTLY 1.8 lbs! Yay! Here's the updated schedule:

My Mini Goals:
10 lbs. by September 12  Done, on schedule!
15 lbs. by October 10  Done, on schedule!
18 lbs. (my 10% goal) by October 24
20 lbs. by November 7
25 lbs. by December 5
28 lbs. (my 15% goal) by December 19
30 lbs. by January 2
35 lbs. by January 30
38 lbs. (my 20% goal) by February 20
40 lbs. by March 5
45 lbs. by March 26
47 lbs. (my 25% goal) by April 9
50 lbs. by April 23 - GOAL WEIGHT!!

So now I've got two weeks to lose three more pounds and reach the next goal. And with that 10% goal I get my WW keychain! I don't know why I'm so excited for that silly keychain, but I am. I'd LOVE to get it by next week, but I don't know how realistic that is, so I won't be disappointed if it takes me two weeks to do it.

I'm also excited because I'm spreading the WW enthusiasm among my friends, family, and co-workers. My mom joined today and I'm really happy for her and looking forward to supporting each other on this. Two of my co-workers joined this week too, and will be going to meetings with my friend Colleen and me on Mondays. And, I have two friends thinking about signing up for online memberships. I love talking about WW and am so glad that I've helped inspire people to join. It sort of reinforced for me that I might like to look into being a meeting leader once I've hit my goal weight/lifetime member status. WW is hard work, no doubt, and frustrating at times, but I really believe in it and it's worked well for me so far, so I can't help but sing its praises!

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