Monday, December 13, 2010

What's a Shanaynigan?

Welcome to my blog! I'm not new to blogging, but it's not something I've done recently. I used to be a craft blogger, blogging mostly to showcase my hand stamped cards and gifts. But I don't do any of that anymore. After nearly 6 years of never buying a store bought card and hand making whatever gifts I could, my mojo has left me. I think it's partly due to the fact that my life has gotten a lot busier lately (in a mostly good way) and so when I do have a little downtime at home, I want to spend it reading or catching up on recorded TV, or, my favorite...sleeping!

I more or less write for a living, working in the Advancement office of a university. But I never get to write about things I want to say, so I've been looking for an outlet to flex my writing muscles for a task other than a thank you letter to a donor, or a report on how a particular monetary gift has been used. It will give me a chance to write about my own thoughts and feelings instead of being a ghostwriter for the university's president or one of my other colleagues. And so Shanaynigans: The Blog was born.

So what's a Shanaynigan? It's a term coined by my dear friend Colleen (aka Collywood). A while back, a group of my friends (Hi LOSTies!) was handing out nicknames to everyone, and I was somehow dubbed Shanaynay. I'm not sure why, but I like it. That nickname carried over to another group of friends, and Colleen combined it with my favorite word, shenanigans, to come up with Shanaynigans. I have a habit of meeting random people and getting myself into interesting situations when we go out, and those antics have now been deemed "Shanaynigans". Perhaps I'll be sharing some of those antics here, as I am viewing this as sort of an online diary, so I thought it was a fitting title for my new blog. And there you have it.

I don't plan to set a schedule for myself as to when I have to blog. I've discovered that most of the time, when something becomes another task you "have" to do, it's not fun anymore. So I'll write when the mood strikes. Maybe that'll be twice in one day, maybe it'll be every few weeks. We'll see.