Sunday, November 6, 2011

Things 2 - 6

This past week has been pretty busy and I never got a change to blog about what I'm thankful for on November 2 - 5. So I'll list something for today and the last few days to get myself caught up.

November 2 - I'm thankful for my weekly night out with my friends. Wednesday is happy hour night and it's often the highlight of the week. It's a great way to break up the week a little and have something to look forward to halfway to the weekend. This week we went to Trivia Night at a bar we've been trying out lately and had a great time. We didn't win, but it was nice to visit our bartender friend Cenz, and we made a new friend,. Todd, who's a regular at the bar.

November 3 - I'm thankful for my brother, Tyler. I went out for dinner with him tonight at Wood n'Tap. He's my favorite person in the world and I'm so grateful whenever I get to spend time with him.

November 4 - I'm thankful for my cooking and baking skills. I spent a number of hours tonight making food to bring tailgating tomorrow. I made spinach dip, beer cheese dip, pumpkin beer soft pretzels, homemade butterfingers, and pumpkin cookies with brown butter icing. I love cooking and baking for my friends and it's one of my favorite ways to show my love for them.

November 5 - I'm thankful for a perfect fall day. We had gorgeous weather for tailgating at the UConn game today. A crisp and cool morning turned into a lovely sunny day with bright blue skies. I had a great time with my friends eating and drinking before and after the game, and to top it off UConn won. A wonderful day all around.

November 6 - I'm thankful for lazy Sundays. Getting up early yesterday and being in the sun all day tired me out. I was in bed a little after 10 last night, and slept for almost 13 hours. The clocks turned back last night, so it was noon before I got out of bed. Aside from a workout and a quick trip to Target, my day was spent on the couch watching football and clearing shows from my DVR.

I've got WW tomorrow. Not sure how weigh-in will go. This morning I was shocked to find that I was actually down around a pound from last Monday. It was very surprising considering how much I ate yesterday. I definitely went over my points a little. Today I stuck within my points and did a heavy lifting workout, so hopefully that'll help me enough to keep my weight down for the weigh-in tomorrow!

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