Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Overeating = The Visible Addiction

I read something on a blog today that really got me thinking. Emily of One Twenty Five wrote:
"sometimes being over weight sucks and is hard and isn’t fun - especially if you’re a girl in today’s society. Being over weight is the one vice that when you step out the door, everyone knows you have, so yea, it gets hard."

It's really true. You can be a smoker, or an alcoholic, or a sex addict and not have it be visible to the world automatically. But there's no way to hide the fact that you're an overeater. Now, I'm not advocating that anyone start drinking excessively or smoking crack to avoid food, as surely the path down those roads is no easier than that of an overweight person. In fact, I'd say that except for in extreme cases where overeating is causing significant health problems, it's one of the better vices to have, comparatively speaking. In a way, I feel pretty virtuous that my weakness is cake and cheesy poofs. I've never smoked a cigarette in my life, I am strictly a social drinker, I wouldn't know where to score drugs even if I wanted to, and given my recent prolonged streak of celibacy, I'd be the worst sex addict ever. So yay me! But, why then am I visually punished more so than people with those other vices or addictions? I've made (mostly) good choices in my life, yet my love of food is written across my arms, stomach, hips, ass, and thighs in a way no smoker or drinker ever experiences. Where is the justice there?

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